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Aerial is a skate performance set to the music of Kate Bush's 2005 Aerial album.  The title song Aerial, tells the story of a sleepless hot summer's night night awoken by birds cavorting outside.  Annoyed, our lead skater attempts to join the birds, is rejected but ultimately prevails as their leader.  Was it real or just a dream?



Kate Bush is an English songwriter well known for her eclectic and experimental music style and her dynamic vocal range.  Her body of work has had foundational influence since her start at the age of 19.  All 10 of her albums reached top 10 status on UK music charts. 

(Kate Bush - Wikipedia)

Aerial Kate Bush's eighth album, was released in 2005.

(Aerial - Wikipedia)


Aerial is designed to be the introduction of a local group of performance skaters in the Portland metro area.  Aerial and other acts would be performed at public skating events such as figure skating competitions and local ice hockey games.

The skating team would be composed of up to 10 skaters who would build a repertoire of routines to be performed during year rotations.  Skating follows a seasonal pattern of competitions as ice hockey does and our team would fit in performances where there are opportunities.

Skaters would be choreographed by a professional coach/choreographer and skaters would be expected pay typical costs to cover ice time and choreography.  The team would also work to receive donations and foundation money.


Artistic Director: Rich Howard

​Principal Ice Choreographer: Open

Props, Costuming and Lighting: Open​


1 Lead Skater - Upper level skating skills.
4 Supporting Skaters - Birds, can be lower level as they are reluctantly challenged by the lead "bird".

Costuming & Props

3 6ft standing flowers picked up and thrown out of rink during performance.

4 bird outfits with removable feathers.

One intense light flare for hot sun effect.


For more on this project, please join Story Forward Ballet to gain access to the Score and more.

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